Sensitive 11 year old Adrian is struggling with his fears and anxieties since the disappearance of three kids in his small town.
Then one day he meets Nicole, a mysterious, crazy, frightening, wonderful girl who moves in next door with her little sister and brother.
They might just be everything Adrian ever wanted.

Zentropa Entertainments5 presents with Severe Features in association with The New Zealand Film Commission
in co-production with Film I Väst supported by The Danish Film Institute, commissioning editor Rasmus Horskjær
with support of the Cinéfondation in association with Southern Institute of Technology
with the support of Invercargill City Council and the Invercargill Licensing Trust
with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union
The Weight Of Elephants
Inspired by the Novel OF A BOY by Sonya Hartnett, published by Penguin Group (Australia)
written and directed by Daniel Joseph Borgman.


©2012 copyright Zentropa Entertainments5 and Severe Features Limited